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Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage
Fishways Global & H2Opps will exhibit June 5-7 at the National Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage.
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Read Ron Dzwonkowski: Water's potential for state economy is clear to McCulloch, Dec. 4, 2011.
Nov.14th - 17th 2011

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H2Opportunities Services



Identify and install promising technologies in “real world” municipal and industrial applications and quickly transform them into profitable jobs-creating businesses. H2Opps has enough experience to realize that there will be some start-up challenges in all new technology. We expect them and we plan for them. This allows the technology provider to “work out the kinks” in a real world setting.



Utility operators are risk adverse; regulators are even more risk adverse. H2Opps recognizes the challenge of getting regulatory approval for any new technology. Stated simply, the regulators’ will rely on proven technology to avoid problems. Anything new is a risk that they do not welcome – fortunately, we have a long history of working around these hurtles and can help guide the technology through these challenges. From the regulator's point of view, the success or failure of new technology remains the responsibility of the system operator.   H2Opps has the knowhow and network to successfully negotiate permitting approval or regulatory acceptance.



H2Opps targets their services to companies that have a fully developed product ready for the marketplace. Most technology providers that approach H2Opps have a good understanding of their product and a business plan that includes their requirements for capital, labor, space, marketing and advertising. Most have completed their research and development and have moved into assembly and light manufacturing.
H2Opps can provide a technical and financial critique of the business plan, the financing plan, and the marketing plan of the technology provider. If additional support is required, H2Opps management can refer the technology provider to a number of existing support entities.



H2Opps can provide access to a wide variety of funding for the most promising technologies. This includes access to both public and private financing.
Regardless of the funding source, the funder is always comforted by a successful real-world application as the initiation of the track record required to successfully launch any technological innovation.
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