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Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage
Fishways Global & H2Opps will exhibit June 5-7 at the National Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage.
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Read Ron Dzwonkowski: Water's potential for state economy is clear to McCulloch, Dec. 4, 2011.
Nov.14th - 17th 2011

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H2Opportunities Partners

H2Opps works closely with other service providers and limit its services to technology validation, regulatory acceptance and assistance with marketing and business planning.

Working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), H2Opps has identified several promising technologies and captured funding to support the services provided by H2Opps. We also refer our technology providers routinely provided by Michigan universities, professional service providers, and/or mentor firms. H2Opps will also actively support the selected firms in their attempts to obtain outside funding for future growth.
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