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Fishways Global & H2Opps will exhibit August 19-23 at the 142nd Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society.

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Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage
Fishways Global & H2Opps will exhibit June 5-7 at the National Conference on Engineering and Ecohydrology for Fish Passage.
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Read Ron Dzwonkowski: Water's potential for state economy is clear to McCulloch, Dec. 4, 2011.
Nov.14th - 17th 2011

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interview with John P McCulloch, Founder, H2Opportunities. 
Dec., 2011

Bringing new technology to a risk adverse industry.

We understand that introducing technology into a conservative marketplace is not easy. Without a successful “in the field” demonstration to show the effectiveness of an innovation, most engineers will choose an older proven method. The result is that the water industry tends to rely upon technology that is proven, but represents decades old systems that were introduced when water was plentiful and energy was cheap - which is no longer the case.
H2Opportunities was established to support firms that are addressing the challenges of aging infrastructure, operating costs, water quality, legacy pollutants, testing, competing uses and insufficient supply with innovations and improvement that minimize capital costs and the costs of operation and maintenance.


H2Opportunities intends to change the way our nation deals with the challenges of water resource management. The change begins with improving the technical tools available to public and private water professionals.
H2Opps will work with technology developers to share the risks and rewards associated with introducing new products. We differ from typical accelerators in that we are able to address the largest challenges facing water technology entrepreneurs:


H2Opportiunities is an innovative, non-profit company, that selects the most promising water and wastewater technologies and assist in bringing that technology to market.
Based in southeast Michigan, we partner with water producers, wastewater processors, advanced manufacturing, world-class research universities, government regulators and economic development organizations, that taken together provide a powerful opportunity to overcome the challenges of bringing your innovation to market.
Water technologies: water technology accelerator, water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, storm water treatment, lake management, municipal and industrial water uses, water quality testing, water technology validation, water technology permitting, water technology entrepreneurs.
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